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Tbara de vara de o lună în China

Posted by liceusadoveanu pe martie 16, 2015

Summer Camp is one annual activity which Confucius Institute organize for Chinese Language Learners as a opportunity to get to know China and experience Chinese language and culture in the language environment. It consists of 28 days: from Monday to Friday morning, the host university will organize Language lessons; in the afternoon, cultural seminars; and during the weekend, the host university will organize campers for cultural excursions to visit Beijing (the Great Wall), Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors) and some within city excursions(ex. to Chinese middle school). (The excursion time will be flexible, at the begging, in the middle or in the end)
    The conditions for the campers are:
    1. HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) result (in our case, not obligatory)
    2. the host institution will cover the rooms, the study fees, the excursions, and 1-2 group dinners.
    3. the campers will cover the international trip and food by themselves.
(So the price actually is decided by air company from Chisinau to Beijing: generally from 800 EURO -1100 EURO.   The food will be about 100 USD in one month in China, because in China university camps all have big canteen with food not expensive. )

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