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Liceul nostru – participa la proiectul „North Carolina-Moldova Service Learning Partnership Project”

Posted by liceusadoveanu pe octombrie 8, 2016

Preluat de pe:

The project aims to connect 25 schools from Moldova and North Carolina in order for them to collaborate when implementing various community development projects. Project participants will lean how to introduce community engagement pedagogies in their daily instruction and enhance state curriculum with civic engagement related methodologies.

This project will be made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Department of State. Its contents are the responsibility of the Project Team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of State or the United States Government.

AICE is a nonprofit organization aiming to provide innovative programs in education which promote positive lasting change on the local, regional and international level. We enable local individuals and institutions to develop key skills in such areas as quality education, integration technology for development, civic engagement, youth empowerment, gender equality, regional development. AICE employs highly professional experts in education, research, project management, human resources, online teaching and learning with extensive experience in various fields related to education and professional development. We believe strongly in the power of education that simultaneously improves the quality of life both of individuals and the wider society.

The project will be organized October 2016 through March 2017 :

1. Educators from North Carolina and Republic of Moldova will establish official partnerships. A project blog will be created to  link all international teams.
2. Several online webinars will be organized to inform project participants about the benefits of service learning to students, schools and communities.
3. Online instructional modules will be posted on the project blog. Participants will be guided along the process of planning, conducting and implementing service learning initiatives which are also linked to their school curricula.
4. American and Moldovan educators and students will work together to implement various service learning initiatives in their local communities. Students will exchange ideas and feedback on the project blog and via Skype sessions.
5. American and Moldovan students will create video reports to reflect on their service learning initiatives. All reports will be published on the project blog.
6. In March students will vote for the most creative and inspiring video reports.



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