Liceul Teoretic "Mihail Sadoveanu", Călăraşi


Theoretical Lyceum „Mihail Sadoveanu” from Calarasi, a little town situated at a distance of 50 km from the capital of our Republic, Chisinau, into the heart of Codrii (Moldavian forests). It has a population of above 16 thousand people, 2 schools, 3 lyceums and a pedagogical college. The mission of the Institution: the improvement of the educational activity of the lyceum through the implementation of the most modern educational techniques for the training and development of the student’s personality and his harmonious integration in social life. Our main goals are as follows:

  • Students will be able to integrate into the real life;
  • To be friendly, democratic, and have an active social life;
  • To be able to work in team ( to cooperate with each other);
  • To study independently and graduate a University in future to appreciate learning as a continuous process through their lives and continue studying;

  Functional principles:

    1. Democracy
    2. Humanism
    3. Tolerance
    4. Creativity

History: The Theoretical Lyceum „Mihail Sadoveanu” from Calarasi, Republic of Moldova, was founded in 1991 as an institution of a new type, modern and progressive, the main goals of which are to educate the young generation in the spirit of high human values, to be real patriots of this country. Our lyceum is attended by 361 students  ( Romanian  language of teaching ) 92 students ( Russian language of teaching ) divided into  3  levels:

  • Level I:1-4 forms called Primary school;
  • Level II: 5-9 forms called Gymnasium;
  • Level III: 10-12 forms called Lyceum;

We admit in the 5th form the students who achieved above average grades upon completion of the primary school. We admit 10th form students who achieved above-average grades upon completion of the Gymnasium. Gymnasium education in the republic of Moldova is compulsory. The Lyceum level is finished with the passing the BAC exams which permits the graduate to be admitted to the higher education institution – University. In the Republic of Moldova the Diploma of Baccalaureate is very prestigious in the context of the country’s adhesion to the Bologna Process. The didactic and managerial personnel: The managerial team consists of 4  persons (the principal and 2 vices  and vice principal in education). The didactic personnel consists of 53 teachers divided into 7 departments:

  1. Romanian Language and Literature
  2. Foreign Languages
  3. Mathematics and Sciences
  4. Natural Sciences
  5. Socio-Humanistic Sciences
  6. The Aesthetic  Education and Sport
  7. The Home-Room Teachers Department

The participation of the Lyceum in different programs: Our lyceum takes part in various programs through partnerships and collaborations. At the international and national level:

  • International Debate Education Association.
  • „Comenius” project: Italy, Germany, Poland, and Republic of Moldova.
  • Partnership program GREEF France.
  • Odyssey of the Mind at both national and international level.
  • SOROS foundation – the community centre of training education and access to information.
  • Preuniversitary National Debate League – our lyceum is the centre of the regional competition (Centre).
  • The Centre of the Development of Youth Gender Education.
  • ProDidactica „The modernization of Education in the Republic of Moldova.
  • SIEDO – the project – „Youth in action”
  • Peace Corp USA.
  • Empowering Young People Connecting Europe,
  • European Schools for a living planet
  • ACES


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